Your business is vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Security breaches put your business at risk.

Information Security refers to everything that surrounds the protection of digital information from unwanted actions of both unauthorized users, through a cyberattack or data leak, or the destruction of data. By this general definition the only thing Information Security is not is a singular software solution that claims to “do it all.” Rather, Information Security is a coordinated and concrete set of IT efforts and solutions implemented in an organization, designed to comprehensively protect the confidential information that is transmitted every day.

Our security services:

Development and Maintenance of Security Policies.

People, processes, and technology play a fundamental role in the way Information Security is applied. To reduce risk and comply with privacy and information protection regulations it is necessary to combine for example, among others, access control to the internal network and systems, restrict access to confidential information, implement policies that help users to apply the best information security practices…

Design of Contingency and Business Continuity Plans.

A Business Continuity Plan is a planned system that determines how a company can continue offering its services in case that for some reason, its systems suffer from a problem. A business continuity and contingency plan must include the strategy followed by the company to meet the basic objectives of the plan, which are:

  • Continue with the company’s processes despite suffering an unforeseen event.
  • Reduce the impact of any incident that may affect the cut or interruption of services.

Design of specific recovery plans for systems and data in anticipated scenarios.

Formal plans for data recovery should be a central part of a larger disaster recovery plan. Each stakeholder in the organization must know their role in data protection, with established routines for backing up copies, and the establishment of multiple layers of redundancy to strengthen defenses.

“Defenses” include cloud backups, external “off-site” hard drives, encryption password management…


Comprehensive consulting for the adaptation of your company to ISO 27001.

ISO 27001 is an international Information Security standard that aims to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of an organization’s information and the systems and applications that process it.

The standard defines in a generic way how an Information Security Management System is planned, implemented, verified, and controlled, based on the performance of a risk analysis and the planning and implementation of the response to them for their mitigation.

Frequently asked questions about security:

Does the RGPD define what are the technical requirements that I must implement in my company to protect my company data?

No. The old regulation detailed which were the minimum computer security measures to implement. Currently, it is the company itself that must ensure that computer assets are protected.

Why is a Business Contingency and Continuity Plan needed?

All members of the organization must know how to act in the event of a crisis. Having planned through protocols how to act will help us to reactivate our business.

Why do I need a company Security policy?

The fundamental obligations of all personnel must be stated in writing so that all employees are aware of their obligations and the company can take appropriate action in the event of non-compliance.

What are the advantages of having an ISO 27001?

ISO 27001 is the international standard that covers all the standards related to the security of computer and telecommunications systems. The certification guarantees to third parties the commitment of your company regarding the information