Not all contracts are the same. Tech businesses require specialization.

The emergence of new technologies in the business world has led to the emergence of new business models with a structure, vocabulary and specificity that require specialized technicians in the field.

Our it CONTRACTS services:

  1. Equipment maintenance contracts and auxiliary services
  2. Leasing contracts Hardware leasing and use of licensed software
  3. Guarantee contracts for access to the Source code (scrow)
  4. Hiring of hosting and use of clouds.
  5. Contract conditions for virtual environments, Web pages, social networks.

Frequently asked questions about it contracts:

Why do you have to contractually review each software development update?

Modifying a software program means assigning part of the intellectual property to the developer unless otherwise stipulated in a new contract.

Why is it important to secure the Source code?

The developer company may disappear, so it is essential to guarantee access to the source code contractually.

What should I consider in cloud migrations?

Outsourcing part or all the company’s IT resources means putting the security and maintenance of our IT assets in the hands of a third party, we must ensure that the provider guarantees the integrity and security of our IT systems.