Make compliance with legality a tool for improvement, to protect your company from possible crimes.

Since 2015, legal entities have Criminal responsibility. The implementation of a Compliance System is important to exonerate your company and its administrators, in the event of a crime committed by one of its members.

Our compliance services:

Implementation of a Criminal Compliance System

ITS Consulting has developed and adapted a Compliance System based on the size and characteristics of the company and based on different International standards, such as ISO 19600.

Support to the corporate Compliance Officer

The system establishes the need to appoint a management body (Compliance Officer (CO)). We accompany the CO, providing continuous advice.

Outsourcing of the Compliance Officer figure

The Compliance Officer figure can be outsourced. With this service ITS Consulting assumes the role of CO for your company doing a monthly monitoring of this function with you.

Compliance  Consulting 

ITS Consulting pone a disposición de su empresa un servicio de consultoría permanente e ilimitado con el fin de atender y resolver las consultas que el CO o la empresa pueda tener a la hora de llevar a cabo o monitorizar su Sistema de Compliance.

Frequently asked questions about compliance:

What is a Compliance System based on?

Article 31 bis of the CP establishes the basic aspects required for the implementation of a Compliance System. ITS has developed and adapted them according to the size and characteristics of the company..

Compliance for SMEs or just for large companies?

What is established in the CP, includes all types of companies, our Service adapts to their peculiarities.

What is the Compliance Officer or Crime Prevention and Management Body?

It is the body appointed by the company to plan, execute and supervise its Compliance system.

Can the figure of Compliance Officer be outsourced?

Yes. ITS would assume in this case all its functions and responsibilities.